How to place an order
You can easily order on our site. Just add the selected items to the basket, and then go to the Basket page, check the correct positions and click «Order» or «Fast order» button.

Quick Order
The function «Quick order» allows the buyer not to pass the entire procedure of ordering independently. You fill out the form and the store manager will call you back shortly. He will specify all the conditions of the order, answer questions concerning the quality of the goods and their characteristics. And he’ll also tell you the payment and delivery options.

According to the results of the call, the user either, having received the specification, independently issues the order, completing it with the necessary positions, or agrees to the order in the form in which it is now. He receives a confirmation to e-mail or a mobile phone and awaits delivery.

Standard ordering mode
If you are sure of your choice, you can make your own order by filling out the entire form.

Address Filling
Select the name of your region and locality from the list. If you have not found your settlement in the list, select the value «Other location» and write the name of your settlement in the count «City». Enter the correct index.

Select the optimal payment method. Read more about all options in «Pay».

Make the order
Check the correct entry of the information: order positions, location selection, customer data. Click «Place your order».

Our service remembers the data about the user, the information about the order and next time will ask you to repeat the data of the previous order. If conditions do not suit you, choose other options.